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Lessons In Truth - Lesson 6 - Annotation 10

Lessons In Truth - Lesson 6 - Annotation 10

In reality, can we desire that which belongs to another?

10. No, we cannot, in reality, ever desire that which belongs to another, for we have learned that the cause of our desire is an idea of God seeking expression through us.

What we want is that which is essentially our own. We may view the outer form of someone else's good, thinking it will satisfy our need, but in reality our real desire would be the idea that the form represents. An idea can come into our consciousness only from God-Mind. The idea is the nucleus of our desire, and when we conform to the law of mind action the idea gathers substance and brings forth in the outer world the form that will bring wholesome satisfaction into our life.

We need to make conscious contact individually with the divine idea back of our desire, learn its nature, appreciate its value. When it comes forth into outer form, it will then be a product of our own consciousness, just as the thing belonging to another is the product or result of the working of his consciousness.

Envy springs from lack of understanding of ourself as a spiritual being and of our inheritance of ideas from God. When envy takes over, we think we have to have that which another possesses. With the dawning of understanding we see that we must demonstrate our own good but only by working with the mental processes in our own mind or consciousness.

When we become conscious of some outer good that we feel will make for better living, we must begin to work within our own consciousness and not try to possess what belongs to another. Those who do reach out for that which has not come to them in legitimate ways are operating contrary to the laws of our society as well as divine laws. Countries and governments fall into the same error ways as individuals by thinking they can take from others by force something that represents good to them, such as more land, more food, greater opportunities for expansion. Back of this desire for something that belongs to others is fear that there is not enough good to fulfill the needs of their people. Men and nations must come to see that their true desires are but the love of God seeking to express in their lives. Only then will they turn in understanding faith and make conscious contact with the presence of God within themselves. This Presence is the source of the ideas that will take form or come into manifestation as the desired good. With this awakening there will be a greater sharing of divine ideas. Then people will come to recognize the brotherhood of man which is made possible through the Fatherhood of God. In other words, a greater spirit of co-operation will be expressed inevitably, not only among individuals but among leaders of the nations of the earth.

"Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven"
(The Lord's Prayer).

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