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Lessons In Truth - Lesson 9 - Annotation 2

Lessons In Truth - Lesson 9 - Annotation 2

What is "the secret place of the Most High" (Psalms 91:1)?

2. The "secret place of the Most High" is, as our text brings out on page 92, paragraph 6, "a place of meeting between the Christ at the center of your being, and your consciousness -- a hidden place into which no outside person can either induct you or enter himself" (Emilie Cady Lessons In Truth 9:6).

The "secret place of the Most High" is the "point of mystical union between man and Spirit" (Emilie Cady Lessons In Truth 9:10); the place within where we know God consciously because we feel His Presence within us. It is the point of realization (conscious awareness) in our consciousness where the intellect meets the Divine -- "Spirit with spirit can meet" (Tennyson). It is the magnetic field in consciousness which holds us in the Presence of God, out of which comes the revelation to each one:

"I am a spiritual being, with a divine inheritance of good."

It is in "the secret place of the Most High" that the awakening of our consciousness takes place, bringing illumination, quickening, revelation, inspiration, realization.

In the third lesson of this course we studied our threefold nature as spirit-soul-body. We come to realize that we are a son of God, then we see that the "secret place" is the place in consciousness where the soul becomes consciously aware of this sonship. The "secret place" is God's own Presence in us that belongs to each of us alone, a place where no one else can enter. It is that contact between soul and spirit when we lay hold of the divine ideas that manifest as health, joy, wisdom, love, supply. The 91st Psalm tells us of all the good that accrues when we dwell in this "secret place." We are told how protected we shall be from every kind of error, especially from fear, and the psalm ends triumphantly with the words,

"With long life will I satisfy him
And show him my salvation" (Psalms 91:16).

Because we are co-workers with God in bringing His kingdom to the earth, it is imperative that we learn how to enter "the secret place of the Most High," in order to receive the good God has prepared for us. We need to know what this "secret place" is and how it is contacted within our own being, in order to avail ourselves of the good (in the form of ideas) that awaits our claim.

"'The kingdom of God is within you.' ... it is to this inner center that he should direct his attention when praying or meditating. David called this spiritual center of the soul 'the secret place of the Most High,' and all the defense and power of the 91st Psalm is promised to the one who dwells in the consciousness of the Almighty within" (Jesus Christ Heals 77).

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