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Hi Friends -

You may choose to receive the following emails:

Resources on TruthUnity Message each Sunday. Each Sunday, we send info about new resources added to TruthUnity. This is our main communication to subscribers. If you want to have something inspirational delivered to your inbox on Sunday mornings, check this box.

List of upcoming classes each Monday. Each Monday, we send an email with a link to the home page showing a listing of upcoming classes. The focus of these classes is some particular resource on TruthUnity, such as a book, tract, video, audio, Bible passage or blog post. They are led by well regarded independent ministers and teachers and they are designed to help you dive deeper into some aspect of the study of metaphysical Christianity.

Eric Butterworth Speaks Message each Wednesday. Each Wednesday, we send a short 2-page transcript from Eric Butterworth Speaks: Essays on Abundant Living. These short, practical messages are from Eric Butterworth's 1970s radio broadcasts. They are a great mid-week lesson. Check this box if you would like to receive them.

Eric and Olga Butterworth: Meditations and Lessons each Saturday. Each Saturday, we send a link to an audio recording and transcript of Eric and Olga Butterworth's meditation and lesson from when they served Unity of New York. Check this box if you would like to receive them.

Featured Articles from Unity Magazine. These are sent out periodically when an insightful article is found in a past issue of Unity magazine.

News about Mini-conferences by TruthUnity. We host one-day conferences throughout the US about various topics — Metaphysical Bible, Unity and Christianity, etc. Check this box if you want to get notified when they are announced.

News about the Fillmore Study Bible. We will send an email whenever annotations are completed for another chapter in the Fillmore Study Bible.

News about UnityVeg. UnityVeg is a project to encourage healthier refreshments in Unity churches. Check this box if you want to get updates as the project advances.

News about Unity in Baltimore. Although I am no longer leading the Unity church in Baltimore, the vision of Baltimore becoming a hub of east coast Fillmore gatherings remains. Check this box if you want to get notified when events in the Baltimore area are announced.

Know that each email has an option at the bottom to change these choices, or to unsubscribe from all emails if you wish. To be honest, it stings a bit when someone “unsubscribes.” But that’s part of the process. Regardless, I'm grateful for your interest.

Many blessings,

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