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Metaphysical meaning of spiritual (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of spiritual (rw)
spiritual cosmogony--Spiritual interpretation of the creation of the universe. When science admits that the ether is moved by omnipotent Mind, the Bible will show forth a complete spiritual cosmogony.

spiritual discernment--Intuitive knowing of that which is true of God, or Spirit.

spiritual healer--One who helps man reform so that bodily healing follows as a natural consequence. In order to have bodily perfection it is necessary to bring the mind to a state of righteousness. This is the work of the spiritual healer.

spiritual quickening--Making active according to spiritual standards, by being linked to the activity of God-Mind.

spirituality--The consciousness that relates man directly to his Father-God. It is quickened and grows through prayer and other forms of religious thought and worship.

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