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Lessons In Truth - Lesson 2 - Annotation 7

Lessons In Truth - Lesson 2 - Annotation 7

What is substance in Divine Mind? How does it manifest in man, and throughout all creation?

7. In Divine Mind substance is the idea of perfect form; it is the unformed Mind essence in which ideas live and move and have being, out of which every form is produced. Substance is free, and unlimited, for its character embraces the entire nature of God. It is the presence of God which fills all the universe and permeates all manifest forms.

The word substance comes from a Latin word substare, sub, meaning "under" and stare, meaning "to stand." Knowing God as the one presence and the one power, we can say that He "stands under" all creation, "Do I not fill heaven and earth? saith Jehovah" (Jer. 23:24).

Substance, or the idea of perfect form, manifests as air, light, sound, earth, water, rocks, mountains, trees, animals -- all the multitudinous things that make up our physical world, such as homes, schools, churches, libraries, and other buildings. Substance manifests as the food that is grown and eaten, as the clothes that are manufactured and worn; it makes up the very body of man himself.

Substance is Mind essence and the creative Word expressing through man as the formative power of thought moves substance into manifest form. God, then as substance, is the one source of abundance always ready to transform His unformed essence into the forms required to meet the needs of all creation.

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