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Metaphysical meaning of Being (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of Being (rw)

Ed Rabel

Mr. Fillmore frequently used the word "Being" as a synonym for the word "God." Mr. Fillmore and most of the New Thought teachers and writers were also fond of using divine ideas as synonyms for God. (God is love; God is wisdom, etc.) This practice is quite acceptable, and is part of any good teacher's "poetic license." But we must also keep in mind that in the absolute sense, God is that which is even greater than that which He has created. God created what we call Being. God created all divine ideas, such as love, wisdom, power, etc. But since the essence or omnipresence of God can be seen in these created things, then it is not really wrong to occasionally use them as synonyms for the word God. Metaphysics 1, What Is God?, Being

- Ed Rabel

God; the Mind of the universe composed of archetype ideas: life, love, wisdom, substance, Truth, power, peace, and so forth. Being is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient; it is the fullness of God, the All-Good.

Being, personal and impersonal nature of--Being is not only impersonal Principle as far as its inherent and undeviating laws are concerned, but also personal as far as its relation to each of us is concerned. We as individuals do actually become a focus of universal Spirit.

Being, the law of growth and--Being exists under two phases: invisible and visible, abstract and concrete. The visible comes forth from the invisible, and this coming forth is always according to a universal method of growth from minute generative centers. From center to circumference is the plan of procedure throughout the universe. To study form alone and to expect to learn from it and its evolutions the secret of existence does not enable one to catch sight of Spirit moving upon every generating center.

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