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Lessons In Truth - Lesson 10 - Annotation 8

Lessons In Truth - Lesson 10 - Annotation 8

What are some of the changes that true prayer brings into our life?

8. The changes that true prayer brings into our life will be in various forms of good manifested in our mind, body, and affairs, as explained more fully later in this Annotation.

True prayer is conscious communion with God in the "secret place" within ourselves. It is our way of raising our consciousness to a full awareness of God's presence, thus preparing our mind to accept the ideas (attributes) of God that are ours by divine birthright. Therefore, when we pray aright our soul is being "fed" by spiritual patterns in the form of divine ideas that will manifest as the needed things in our life. The influx of these ideas (patterns) will show forth in a completely new way, for as our text says on page 112,

"You will have a strange new consciousness of serenity and quiet, a feeling that something has been done, that some new power to overcome has come to you" (Emilie Cady Lessons In Truth 10:29).

Then, from this contact with our Father, other good and practical results will follow. We will begin to face courageously the things that have to be met in the world about us, for our whole attitude toward them has changed.

This lesson has already emphasized the fact that our spiritual growth cannot be hurried, thus all the changes that take place will be in divine order. Sometimes, without fully realizing it, our intellect (thinking phase of the mind) is keener, more alert, more efficient, for now it is accepting the guidance of intuition (the "still small voice"). Our heart, or feeling nature, is gradually becoming more tolerant, understanding, compassionate; our body reaps the benefit of a mind more serene, for it is able to express its innate perfection, and our health "shall spring forth speedily" (Isa. 58:8). The effect of "waiting upon God" goes still deeper, for our relations with other persons broaden into more harmony and happiness for we become easier to live with and to work with!

All that we do, after moments spent with God in the "secret place," is tinged with a glory that we never have known before. By touching God's presence in "the Silence" we have become richly blessed with faith and love.

"On the 'mountain top' we receive new illumination, inspiration, and insight into the providing law. Then we have a work to do away from the mountaintop, lifting all our thoughts to, the Truth standard. We should carry the light, joy, peace, and strength we receive on the spiritual heights of consciousness down into our everyday life for the purpose of redeeming the human part of us" (Myrtle Fillmore's Healing Letters 41).

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