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Our Experience with Neon CMS

Mark Hicks

In November/December 2023 we switched our CMS from Little Green Light to Neon CMS. This page is a place to share things that were not apparent during the selection process.

Campaign audience subscription info not visible on the profile page for an account (December 2023)

Neon CRM will allow your constituents to subscribe and unsubscribe from Campaign Audiences, much like Constant Contact and MailChimp. It also has a profile page of each constituent, known in Neon as an "Account." But when you look at the account, you don't see anything about what audiences the constituent has subscribed to. I reported this by writing: "I have discovered that the most important marketing information in the CRM - the audience that the constituent has chosen to subscribe to in the Portal - is not available on the Account page within the CRM. Nor is it available in setting up a report. Without that visibility, I really know nothing about the interests of anyone who subscribes."

The "solution" is to abandon the built in subscribe/unsubscribe functionality and replace it with a custom field with one checkbox for each audience. If you have 10 audiences, you have to create 10 custom fields, each a binary. It's a hack, and it's not pretty. We switched to Neon because we were never able to integrate Mailchimp subscriber info with our Little Green Light info. With Neon, we're back to custom hacking to achieve integration. It's better than what we had, but it's also not elegant. This is a big let down for us.

Mark Hicks