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Metaphysical meaning of nature (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of nature (rw)
nature--The intellect's name for God. Men fall short when they seek to find God by studying nature. Instead of molding and animating the cells of their bodies, they project thought outward in speculating about the universe and its law. Nature is the servant of mind, and when lawful thoughts are enthroned in consciousness nature restores the natural harmony existing between Spirit, soul, and body. When man asserts his divine supremacy he dominates nature.

nature, animal--The undisciplined nature in man or that phase of his being which has been allowed to express according to the desires of sense.

nature, restorative power of--This is the name given by doctors to the Spirit of health, which is always right at hand awaiting an opportunity to enter in to make whole and to harmonize all discords in the body.

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