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Lessons In Truth - Lesson 1 - Annotation 6

Lessons In Truth - Lesson 1 - Annotation 6

Should one be too busy to take time for meditation and prayer? Is it necessary to "practice the presence of God"?

6. No, we should never feel that we are too busy to take time for meditation and prayer, for all our progress in life depends on what we gain through these periods. It is only in this way that we consciously contact God and build an awareness of divine ideas. Many persons seem to think that it is far more important to feed the body with material food than it is to feed the soul with spiritual food. No matter how busy, one seldom lets mealtime go by without stopping his tasks to feed the body. But we let the soul become starved for the "living bread" or substance that gives us mental, moral, and spiritual strength. Periods of meditation and prayer, leading to the Silence, release the ideas (spiritual food) that refresh the mind and body and provide opportunity for the Spirit of God within to reveal our true nature.

It is necessary to "practice the presence of God" for it means that we are learning to think, feel, and see God, or good, under all circumstances. We then come to know that "There is only one presence and one power, God the Good omnipotent, in us and in our world."

Just as the musician must keep before him constantly the awareness of the principle of music if he would produce rhythm and harmony, so we must keep before us the awareness of God as Principle (as the one Presence) if we would bring forth harmony and good in our life. Practicing the Presence indicates that we are actually using the God qualities (ideas). We forgive faults, our own and those of others, by expressing love and understanding. We use faith to stand firm in the face of any situation, whether success or failure. We use intelligence and wisdom in cases of decision. We use creative imagination to view our own life, the lives of those around us, and our world in general. Using these divine ideas (qualities) is "practicing the presence of God."

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