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Lessons In Truth - Lesson 4 - Annotation 4

Lessons In Truth - Lesson 4 - Annotation 4

What must we do to change our false beliefs about God, ourselves, and others?

4. To change our false beliefs about God, ourselves, and others, we must first direct our thoughts to Principle (God) the fundamental Truth. As we begin to think from this premise, we come to know what beliefs are untrue, then we use the process of denial to erase these beliefs from our human consciousness.

Before any change can be made there must be a desire for something better. To correct the wrong answer to a mathematical problem, we must first know that the figures are incorrect, for we realize that the principle of mathematics was not the cause of our wrong answer. We then learn and apply the rules governing that particular mathematical problem, and thus bring about the right answer.

When we become dissatisfied with conditions in our life and feel convinced that there is a solution (a right answer) to our problem our desire stimulates us to seek God; He reveals to us that happiness, success, health, peace, and so forth are ours for the claiming. We then realize that we need to erase our "wrong figures" in the form of negative beliefs about God, about ourselves, and about others, in order to bring about the "right answers" in our life. In this illumined state of mind we no longer blame God, the Principle of good, as the cause of our troubles any more than we blame the principle of mathematics as the cause of the wrong answer to a problem.

With the new vision of ourselves in relation to God, we are able to deny from consciousness all thoughts, feelings, beliefs of fear, greed, envy, and selfishness, knowing that these are no part of our true nature (our real Self) as a son of God. With this revelation of ourself, we can in turn see the Truth that our fellow man is also a son of God; so we learn to deny from our consciousness all the limiting thoughts we might have had of others.

Denial, which is refusal to accept limiting beliefs as being true or real, clears the mind for the planting by affirmation of good thoughts and feelings toward God, ourself, and our fellow man. We then come to see the vital importance of denials in our spiritual unfoldment, and the necessity of exercising this phase of mind action in ourselves.

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