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Lessons In Truth - Lesson 2 - Annotation 9

Lessons In Truth - Lesson 2 - Annotation 9

Explain God as Principle. Explain God as personal, loving Father.

9. God as Principle is the creative Cause underlying all creation, the everywhere-present Spirit of Absolute Good, the source of all that is, the Fountainhead of all unexpressed good. It is the foundation upon which all creation rests. In Principle is found the plan of all creation.

The word principle comes to our language from the Latin principium which means: beginning; foundation; source; origin; fundamental truth; essential character; ultimate basis or cause; that from which anything proceeds.

"It is the underlying plan by which Spirit (God) moves in expressing itself" (The Revealing Word 156).

God is the personal, loving Father within each one of us, and we feel His presence as we turn to Him for guidance, for love, for protection. As God expresses in each individual, He lives and moves through him as life, breath, power, understanding, love, all else that is good.

Anything is personal when it is one's very ownj does not belong in any way to another. God as Principle becomes individuated in each of us as "my Father who is in heaven" (Matt. 18:10, 19). Just as impersonal Principle creates, sustains, and governs all the universe, so does the Principle within us (our indwelling Lord) govern our life in everything pertaining to us individually. Just as universal Principle is the one presence and one power, so is our indwelling Lord, our Father in heaven, all of this for each of us in a specific, personal way. While any principle is primarily impersonal, it becomes personal to the channel through which it operates. We are channels through which God operates as Principle, thus He is to each of us a personal, loving Father.

"There is a relationship with God into which we can enter where He seems 'closer . . . than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet.' When we enter into this relationship, we become acutely aware of God as a living Presence and we are lifted up by His love. In this consciousness we are able to say as Jesus did, 'Father.'" (page 2, Addenda to Metaphysical Bible Dictionary). "

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