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CommUnity Funded Translations

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The decision to begin offering Unity's classic texts in non-English languages comes from asking: "Why is it that Unity, which is a worldwide movement, doesn't have its basic texts readily available to the world community?" I read that Lessons In Truth is translated in ten languages and in Braille. Where are those translations? I've looked and I don't see them.

So here is what's new: I'm raising money and managing a project called "CommUnity Funded Translations." The goal is to get Unity's classic texts translated and released in a way that they are widely disseminated to a worldwide audience.

If you will support this project, then:

  • I'll engage spiritual writers on freelance sites to do the translation, because they will do the work for about 1/5 of the price quoted by big translation companies.
  • I'll do the work to get the translation done, published on TruthUnity and crawled by Google so they show up in Internet searches.
  • I'll put the finished translation out under the Creative Commons license so that everyone is free to publish, print, create eBooks, give them to study groups and disseminate the these translated Unity teachings in any form they wish.

Doesn't Emilie Cady deserve a worldwide audience? I'm asking for your help. Please give generously.