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Lessons In Truth - Lesson 12 - Annotation 6

Lessons In Truth - Lesson 12 - Annotation 6

When we proclaim that we alone see Truth, what does this indicate?

6. When we think that we alone have found a higher way, than any other person has, of finding God, or Truth, it is an indication that we still lack spiritual understanding. As Lessons In Truth 12:11 points out, we are calling attention "to the small size of the aperture through which" we are looking "at the stupendous whole."

In the chapter for this particular lesson a graphic illustration is given of a number of persons standing by a wall in which are various sizes of openings. Each person is looking through a different sized hole and thinks that what he sees through his particular opening is the whole world. Such limited viewpoints only mark the ignorance and narrowness of those looking through the apertures. Too often this is the approach taken by individuals and by religions and sects. To the one who has gone beyond judging by the appearance, this viewpoint is seen as limiting and childish.

The ways of seeking for and finding God are as many as the persons on this spiritual quest. Because there is but one God, who is Father of all, every way of seeking is right for various individuals at different stages of their spiritual unfoldment, for all lead to God. When there is need to change a method, it will be revealed by the Spirit within.

"Let no man who has been born into a knowledge of God ever dare again to speak or even think disparagingly of or to any who seemingly are behind him in spiritual growth, lest by so doing he be found working against God, who is infinite wisdom as well as love" (How I Used Truth 37, 38).

It is the infinite love of God that draws each individual to the way that is right for bringing about his own soul development. Others may be used as channels to inspire us but in the final analysis, the path by which we travel in our search for Truth can only be the way that will bring our true fulfillment and success. The way another travels may or may not be our way; only the Spirit within us knows. Because our particular way of spiritual quest satisfies us is no indication that it is the only way, or the right way for others. To insist that we alone see Truth shows our limited concept of God who is unlimited wisdom, for His Spirit is guiding every soul, whether or not he responds to such divine guidance.

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