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Lessons In Truth - Lesson 11 - Annotation 5

Lessons In Truth - Lesson 11 - Annotation 5

If a person has had healing power and it seemingly leaves him, how should he regard this change?

5. When change comes, whether there seems to be a loss of any power, especially that of healing, we must regard this as an indication of growth. In Spirit nothing is ever lost; in Divine Mind there is no loss of gifts or power.

We are here to learn and express all the divine qualities (ideas) that make up our divine nature. We are the "seed of God" and like any seed we must begin to grow and unfold in divine order. We are the image of God but to come forth after His likeness we must express the God ideas in their right relation. If healing power seems to have left us, we need to examine ourselves to see whether we have become so satisfied with this one gift that we have ceased to develop other gifts. It may be that our soul is now ready to reach toward greater expansion.

We may have developed the gift of the "word of knowledge" (theoretical acceptance of spiritual principles) so that we do not broaden out into the "word of wisdom" (practical use or application of spiritual principles). So with the gift of healing. We may have put our whole attention on it to the exclusion of, say, the gift of "prophecy" (new concepts of Truth). It is good that all life points to progress and will not allow us to stagnate but forces us out of mental and physical ruts.

In Genesis we are told of the "morning" and "evening" of the days or periods of creation. The "evening" represents a period of quiet or rest and precedes the "morning" or period of activity. The seeming loss of healing power, or any of the other gifts, may be the "evening" period when we come closer in consciousness to God. We can then gather our forces together for a greater expansion of some other gift that Spirit is seeking to express through us for greater growth.

Whenever we feel loss of power, we may be nearer to expansion of greater power, so at such times we need to wait quietly in the silence, in the "secret place of the Most High," so that the Lord (law of our being) or "Christ in you" may reveal the next step on the path of life.

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