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Lessons In Truth - Lesson 5 - Annotation 7

Lessons In Truth - Lesson 5 - Annotation 7

What changes take place through the use of affirmations?

7. Good, practical changes take place in the mind, body, and affairs through the use of affirmations. In this lesson we have learned that two vital purposes of affirmations are: first, to train the mind in positive habits, and second, to bring ideas out of the unformed into the formed or visible world.

Our mind, under the discipline of affirmations, is receptive to the ideas of God. Its conscious phase (the thinking faculty or intellect) becomes more positive, efficient, keen, wise, decisive, alert, strong. Under the discipline of affirmations the subconscious phase of mind (the feeling nature, sometimes referred to as the heart) when cleansed of negative beliefs becomes more compassionate, understanding, loving, more peaceful and constructive in its reactions.

The next practical change is in our body. With the change of thought and feeling attained through the use of positive affirmations, the body begins to manifest vitality, strength, energy, wholeness -- radiant health! We feel different; we look different; we are different because old limited thoughts and desires have left us and we have begun to conform to spiritual laws. Our body reveals itself for what it truly is -- "a temple of the living God" (II Cor. 6:l6), with all its members functioning in divine order.

Just as changes come in our mind and body so changes come in our affairs through the use of affirmations backed by faith, love, and understanding. Peace, order, and harmony begin to manifest in our daily living; many things become adjusted, and we recognize that divine justice is at work. We no longer fight against conditions we have to meet in the outer. We know that as we affirm divine order and justice, we need have no fear of the outcome. We are easier to get along with in our home, in our place of employment, in our social contacts, for our affirmations of God's love and harmony make these qualities active in all our human relationships. No matter what the situation, we turn to God and affirm that He is in charge, that His love and wisdom are actively working throughout all of His creation.

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