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Metaphysical meaning of Mind (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of Mind (rw)
Mind--By the term Mind, we mean God--the universal Principle, which includes all principles.

As an aid in understanding how the universal Mind creates, we can observe the action of our own mind because we are the offspring of the one Mind and we bring forth in like manner. "The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father doing: for what things so-ever he doeth, these the Son also doeth in like manner" (John 5:19).

Man in the consciousness of the one Mind has no sense of apartness. Through affirmation he can attune himself to Being, transmute his thoughts into ideas, and accomplish the seemingly impossible.

mind--The starting point of every act and thought and feeling; the common meeting ground of God and man. God is mind, and we cannot describe God with human language, so we cannot describe mind. We can only say: I am mind; I know. God is mind; He knows.

The mind is the seat of perception of the things we see, hear, and feel. It is through the mind that we see the beauties of the earth and sky, of music, of art, in fact, of everything. That silent shuttle of thought working in and out through cell and nerve weaves into one harmonious whole the myriad moods of mind, and we call it life.

mind, affirmative state of--A binding, holding process. If man affirms his unity with the life, substance, and intelligence of God, he lays hold of these spiritual qualities.

mind, carnal--Misuse of mind powers, arising from ignorance of the relationship between God and man. A state of consciousness formed about a false ego or false concept of man. All the "works of the flesh" (Gal. 5:19) are the product of carnal mind.

mind, change of--A change of mind is the very first requisite of the new life in Christ. We go into this new and higher state of consciousness as we would go into another country. The kingdom of heaven is right here in our midst and will become tangible reality to us when we have developed the faculties necessary to comprehend it.

mind, fixed state of--A combination of thoughts in consciousness that is hard to change; ideas that have crystallized.

mind, mortal--Error consciousness in unregenerate man, or man composed of ungodlike thoughts. It is the opposite of the Christ Mind, which is the perfect Mind of God in man. Mortal mind gathers its information through the senses. It judges by appearances, which are often false judgments. Man must renounce this false state of mind if he is to be one with God. Mortal mind breeds sin, poverty, sickness, and death.

mind of the flesh--(Rom. 8:7) Mixed thoughts, selfishness, fear, and the like. These thoughts are what we find in persons of Gentile consciousness, and in the regeneration they must be eliminated.

mind, subconscious--The sum of all man's past thinking; also his memory. The subconscious mind sometimes acts as though separate from the conscious mind: for instance, in dreams. The subconscious mind has no power to do original thinking. It can act only upon what is given to it through the conscious or the superconscious mind.

mind, three phases of--Conscious mind, subconscious mind, and superconscious mind, called the Lord. The superconscious mind transcends both the conscious and subconscious phases of mind. The harmonious working together of these three seemingly separate minds is necessary to the bringing forth of the latent possibilities of man.

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