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Lessons In Truth - Lesson 5 - Annotation 9

Lessons In Truth - Lesson 5 - Annotation 9

Is it wise to commit affirmations to memory?

9. Yes, it is wise to commit affirmations to memory, not in order to speak them thoughtlessly but to enrich our mind with the ideas of Truth they contain. As we hold true thoughts in our mind they begin to glow with new and deeper meanings. The mind that is richly filled with affirmations and Bible texts is fortified with Truth to meet the challenging experiences of daily living.

There is activity of thought in our mind at all times for it is never a vacuum. If our thoughts are not constructive, then they are destructive, since nothing stands still. If we have stored in our mind plenty of Truth affirmations (and this includes Bible verses) we can call on the ideas they convey whenever we have need of them. We should remember that there is a law of mind action ("like begets like") operating in and through our affirmations that has power to fulfill our desires, as brought out in Annotation 3 of this lesson.

We must, however, come to understand that merely memorizing affirmations, without understanding their meaning, is keeping the "letter" and not the "spirit." When we keep in mind that the purpose of affirmations is to lay hold of divine ideas (the spirit) and bring them into manifestation, then we are not in danger of misunderstanding the reason for memorizing them. Our memorizing of affirmations enables us to become proficient in thought control. We consciously lay hold of the ideas back of the affirmations and are thus able to go far beyond the words themselves into the realm of Truth, pure knowing.

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