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Lessons In Truth - Lesson 10 - Annotation 3

Lessons In Truth - Lesson 10 - Annotation 3

How are the qualities of life and love consciously incorporated into our soul, body, and affairs?

3. The qualities of life and love, and as a matter of fact all of the divine ideas that make up our spiritual inheritance, are incorporated into our soul, body, and affairs by the conscious acceptance of them by our mind or soul through our thinking and feeling.

In our true nature, our spiritual self, the Christ in us, we already have life and love and all the other divine ideas, but it is only as we consciously accept them by our thinking and feeling that they become active in our own consciousness. These qualities are then worked out in body and affairs as actual experiences. A person may have a talent for music, for mathematics, for any type of work, but this talent has to be developed. We are ready to begin the developing of the divine ideas of life and love when we recognize God as their source, and ourselves as heir to them. Then we commence to think about them, learn their nature and value, feel them, and finally use them in our daily living.

After all misconceptions concerning life and love have been cleared from the mind, we need to affirm that these qualities are active in our soul, body, and affairs. It is for this reason that our Truth study emphasizes the value of prayer. Prayer helps us to focus our mind on the idea or quality we want to manifest. It is through prayer that we are quickened to the truth of the idea and thus begin to feel it. When feeling is added to thinking about God ideas as living realities, it becomes automatic to speak and act these truths. Prayer takes us into the "secret place of the Most High" where God reveals through spiritual understanding the true meaning and value of His ideas. Through our conscious thinking we may have achieved an intellectual perception of the ideas of life and love and other divine ideas. This then would represent the "letter" while our going beyond the intellect into the "secret place" would bring us to the place of receiving the "spirit that giveth life." Only then can we truly say that life, love, and all the other divine qualities (Ideas) are incorporated into all phases of our being.

God has in reality chosen every man to become His channel of expression, but the truly "chosen ones" are those who know that God has created them for this high purpose. We will consciously choose to work for the attainment of this goal by incorporating the God qualities of life, love, power, intelligence, and so forth into soul (mind), body, and affairs. We will "feel" after Him, "and find him, though he be not far from every one of us" (Acts 17:27).

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