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Metaphysical meaning of consciousness (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of consciousness (rw)
consciousness--The sense of awareness, of knowing.

Ed Rabel

This paragraph constitutes what many readers consider to be Unity's most concise and comprehensive definition of consciousness. Unity gives the word "consciousness" a far more expansive definition than do most sciences or philosophies. Our teachings seek to aim the direction of consciousness always in a forward or God-ward direction. Hence, Unity's usage of the word "consciousness" almost always has religious or spiritual overtones.

Ed Rabel - Metaphysics 1, The Three Phases of Mind, Consciousness

- Ed Rabel

The knowledge or realization of any idea, object, or condition. The sum total of all ideas accumulated in and affecting man's present being. The composite of ideas, thoughts, emotions, sensation, and knowledge that makes up the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious phases of mind. It includes all that man is aware of--spirit, soul, and body.

It is very important to understand the importance of our consciousness in spiritual growth. Divine ideas must be incorporated into our consciousness before they can mean anything to us. An intellectual concept does not suffice. To be satisfied with an intellectual understanding leaves us subject to sin, sickness, poverty, and death. To assure continuity of spirit, soul, and body as a whole, we must ever seek to incorporate divine ideas into our mind. A consciousness of eternal life places one in the stream of life that never fails.

consciousness, ascend in--Rise to the spiritual realms of mind.

consciousness, body--The subconscious mind in its work in the body--repairing, renewing, and conducting the functions of the body in harmony and health if right ideas are given to it, or disintegrating the organism and producing inharmonious action of the functions if untrue thoughts are sown in the mind.

consciousness, centers of--The subconscious realm in man has twelve great centers of action. Each of these twelve centers has control of a certain function in mind and body. The twelve centers are: faith, strength, judgment, love, power, imagination, understanding, will, order, zeal, renunciation (or elimination), and life.

consciousness, Christ--Consciousness built in accordance with the Christ ideal, or in absolute relationship to the Father. The perfect mind that was in Christ Jesus.

consciousness, illumined--A mind purified by the light of Truth.

consciousness, inner--The realm of the supermind as contrasted with the outer or conscious mind.

consciousness, material--A state of mind based on belief in the reality of materiality, or things as they appear. It is carnal mind expressing its unbelief in the omnipresence of God.

consciousness, negative--A mind filled with un-God-like thoughts, such as fear, hate, greed, lust, resentments, discouragement, sickness, and poverty.

consciousness, positive--A mind filled with God's thoughts, such as power, strength, generosity, purity, and optimism.

consciousness, sense--A mental state that believes in and acts through the senses. To rise out of sense consciousness, we determine to return to conscious oneness with God. "I will arise and go to my Father" (Luke 15:18).

consciousness, Son of God--A state of mind that is conscious of God's ideal man.

consciousness, spiritual--(see Christ consciousness)

consciousness, total--Conscious, subconscious, and superconscious phases of mind working as a whole, as a unit.

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