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Lessons In Truth - Lesson 3 - Annotation 1

Lessons In Truth - Lesson 3 - Annotation 1

Describe the foundation principle of Truth.

1. The everywhere-present Spirit of Absolute Good, or God, is the foundation principle of Truth.

The foundation of anything is that which stands under and supports the structure that rests upon it; the principle of anything is the source of its origin. Therefore the Spirit of Absolute Good is the framework upon which all creation rests. This foundation of God's presence and power supports and sustains every atom that exists anywhere, because God is all there is. Whether or not this Truth is acknowledged it remains unaltered and unalterable, for "in him we live, and move, and have our being, . . for we are his offspring" (Acts 17:28). The fundamental principle on which we build our life successfully may be stated as the realization that

"There is but one presence and one power in the universe, God, the good omnipotent."

Our next consideration is to seek to understand the relation between God and His creation, and specifically His relation to us. We have already learned that God is Spirit, Divine Mind, in which inhere all the ideas that produce manifest creation, including man.

"Thus a right understanding of mind, and especially of Divine Mind, is the one and only logical key to an understanding of the beginnings of man and the universe." (Mysteries of Genesis 10).

The subject of this lesson is "Thinking" and until we realize that thinking is a process that is ours to control, we do not make headway in directing our life. The God ideas that make up absolute good are spiritual patterns that are to be used by all creation. Thus a divine idea is the real of every manifestation and is its true foundation.

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