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How To Research a Unity Topic

How To Research a Unity Topic

The Daily Word for today, January 26 2014, is grace. Suppose we want to explore grace in our life, how would we go about doing that? Back up two weeks and suppose we are preparing a Unity Sunday lesson and we wish to speak on grace, how might we start?

Unity has much to offer we who are truth students. Grace is defined in the Revealing Word, the love of God as grace is described in Unity's annotations to Lessons in Truth, Grace is a character in Myrtle Fillmore's Wee Wisdoms Way, the metaphysics of grace is explained in Unity's Correspondence School lesson about cause and effect, grace is embodied in numerous blblical characters that are described in the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, and grace is presented in scripture, such as the Gospel of John's reference to "the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth."

How do we find this wisdom from Unity and how do we organize what we have found? Do a simple search on TruthUnity ... try it now ... enter "grace" and click SEARCH. What you'll get back is 286 references to grace. What's new is that you also see a set of tabs across the top of the page like so:

TruthUnity Search Results Bar

and when you click on the tabs, you'll get references to grace found in various sections of TruthUnity: books, tracts, Bible, Revealing Word, Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, video and audio, correspondence school lessons and ...

try out clicking on MBI. That means metaphysical bible interpretations. Those are the Unity Bible Lessons from 1895 through the 1960's. We've now got Bible lessons for over 450 chapters in the Bible. The content is extraordinary. Just yesterday I uploaded Luke 15, which includes the Prodigal Son. Last week's upload of Isaiah 40 inspired me to write about how Martin Luther King used that chapter fifty years ago in his I Have a Dream speech.

We in Unity are deeply blessed by the group who clipped and assembled these lessons back in the 1960's and by the group (including one special guy) who transcribed these lessons so that Google could bring these lessons to the light of day fifty years later.

So here's the point. Use this tool to explore Divine Ideas. Use this tool to dive more deeply into the lessons you prepare. If we do this, we will see the classic Unity teachings that have come to us from the many teachers who appear in the above banner in new and profound ways.

Many blessings!

What is the Word you want to research?

how to research a unity topic - daily word - grace

Search the Word in TruthUnity

how to research a unity topic - search box

Read about your topic

how to research a unity topic - search results

Select "Books" from the search results bar to focus only on Books

how to research a unity topic - search results - books

Select "ASV" to focus on Bible references

how to research a unity topic - search results - asv

Select "MBI" to focus on Metaphysical Bible Interpretations

how to research a unity topic - search results - mbi

Select "MBD" to focus on references in the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary

how to research a unity topic - search results - mbd

Select "UCS" to focus on Unity Correspondence School references

how to research a unity topic - search results - usc

Be grateful for our rich Unity teaching!

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