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Justice in Finances Cover
Mark Hicks

Hi Friends -

This tract, Justice in Finances, was published by Unity in 1940. By then, Unity had reached the 50-year mark, Charles Fillmore was enjoying a new life with Cora as a writer and lecturer and Lowell Fillmore had been running things at Unity for six or seven years.

As far as I can tell, Unity had never resorted to legal proceedings to seek justice, to protect its lawful rights or to force compliance on anyone. This tract explains why. The message of the tract is that God is justice and regardless of the rightfulness of our particular claim, we must “Let go all standards of justice that have been formulated according to man’s law with its complement of courts, prisons, penalties, and human adjustments and wreckage, and quietly know God as omnipresent justice.”

This is a hard teaching. I devoted the better part of an afternoon reflecting on what our Unity teaching is calling us to do. Perhaps one day I will feel compelled to resort to the legal process. I hope not. If it were to happen then I hope that this tract and the reflection it generated somehow comes back to remind me to “trust the goodness and power of God to right every wrong.”

So I have placed this tract and a few copies of it in the files I keep called "legal". I hope that some day way in the future, when I am pressed to review my legal files, when I have forgotten this post, this tract and this teaching, that I will find them there to remind me. I encourage you to do the same.

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Sunday, August 5, 2018