The biggest mistake people in Unity are making today

Mark Hicks

The biggest mistake people in Unity are making today ... is assuming that we all arrive at Truth in the same way. Because Truth is universal and unchanging, we assume that the way we come to know Truth is also universal and unchanging. But that is not so. The Truth we come to know comes to us in at least three ways.

For Traditionalists, Truth is REVEALED — revealed by the church or by the Bible, through intuition, as taught by the Transcendentalists, or, as taught by the Fillmores, by "going to headquarters" or "in the Silence".

For Moderns, Truth is DISCOVERED — discovered by observation of nature, scientific discovery and deductive thinking.

For Postmoderns, Truth is known in RELATIONSHIPS — what is "right and true" leads to loving relationships, or else it is not based on rightness nor Truth.

These different ways of how we come to know Truth expand our consciousness. We need to embrace the diversity of acquiring Truth in our fellow congregants for the simple fact that we need to embrace it in our own thinking. You don't need me to tell you that when we judge the other fellow, we constrict our own soul.

Read on to understand what these differences mean for the future of Unity.