What might have come into the mind of Jesus after his entry into Jerusalem

Eric Butterworth Sunday Services — Palms and Passover Here is audio and transcript of a Palm Sunday talk by Eric Butterworth about what might have come to the mind of Jesus after his triumphant entry into Jerusalem. He writes,

"So I would like you to come with me to a garden outside the city gates of Jerusalem, up the slope of Mt. Olivet in the little village of Bethany where Jesus had finished supper with his friends, Mary and Martha and Lazarus, in their little clay dwelling and had gone out for a quiet time under the silence of the twinkling stars of the night. Here we see Jesus reflecting over the turmoil and confusion of this very exciting day which had been called the triumphant entry into Jerusalem."

From there, we are guided to insights Jesus might have had about accepting one’s divinity, the significance of the upcoming passover meal, the final crossing out of human consciousness, the meaning of accepting the mantle of messiaship and what it truly means to love both God and neighbor.

If you want a powerful perspective on how to approach this coming week, then this is for you.

Eric Butterworth Unity Podcast

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