Holy Bread

Cover of HOLY BREAD by Zelia M. Walters

Hi Friends —

The four ingredients for a great Unity lesson are encouragement to overcome difficulty, purpose in living, hope for a better tomorrow and something to pass on to other people. I got that from Zelia M. Walters’ 1,500 word story, Holy Bread. It is a deceptively simple story — based on a true incident — about a man’s miracle experience during the great depression of the 1930s. You can read it here.

The key to this story is knowing that Holy Bread — referred to as Christ’s bread — is the Unity message of “courage, and a job (your metaphysical purpose), and a new chance, and always something to pass on to the other hungry ones.” The lesson in this story is that when Holy Bread is eaten — when we have digested the Unity message of courage, purpose, hope and giving — then we become prosperous.

That is why these four ingredients are key to great Unity lessons. And, in Holy Bread, they are demonstrated in story form — accessible to children as well as adults, feelers as well as thinkers, modernists as well as traditionalists.

Zelia Walters was a wonderful writer who could paint a metaphysical picture better than anyone in Unity. Her story is beautifully written and the message she conveys will sink deep into your subconscious mind if you give it your attention.

I hope you will read Holy Bread this week — several times. I hope you will bookmark it in your browser. I hope you will copy and paste this into your word processor, print it out and carry it with you. If you are speaking, I hope you will include it in your Sunday lesson. If you teach Sunday school, I hope you share this story with the kids.

Allow the great affirmation of this story — THE WORLD CANNOT BEAT THE MAN WHO HAS EATEN HOLY BREAD — to do it’s perfect work in your life and in your world.

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Mark Hicks