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Metaphysical meaning of Spirit (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of Spirit (rw)
Spirit--God as the moving force in the universe; Principle as the breath of life in all creation; the principle of life; creative intelligence and life.

We sometimes discover within ourselves a flow of thought that has been evolved independently of the reasoning process and we are puzzled about its origin and its safety as a guide. In its beginnings this seemingly strange source of knowledge is turned aside as a day-dream; again it seems a distant voice, an echo of something that we have heard and forgotten. One should give attention to this unusual and usually faint whispering of Spirit in man. It is the development in man of a greater capacity to know himself and to understand the purpose of creation.

When one concentrates all the faculties on Truth ideas, the conscious mind and superconscious mind blend, and there is a descent of spiritual energies into soul and body. Then the faculties receive new power to express Truth and the body is renewed.

Spirit of truth--The Mind of God in its executive capacity; it carries out the divine plan of the originating Spirit. It proceeds from the Father and bears witness of the Son.

The Spirit of truth is God's thought projecting into our mind ideas that will build a spiritual consciousness like that of Jesus. The Spirit of truth watches every detail of our life, and when we by affirmation proclaim its presence, it brings new life into our body and prosperity into our affairs.

Spirit of wholeness--The Holy Spirit of the New Testament. In Greek mythology the Holy Spirit is symbolized by the goddess Hygeia. Modern medical men call it the restorative power of nature. (see Holy Spirit)

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