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Lessons In Truth - Lesson 5 - Annotation 1

Lessons In Truth - Lesson 5 - Annotation 1

What is an affirmation?

1. An affirmation is a statement of Truth by which we establish in our consciousness the truth about God, the universe, ourselves, others, or about a condition or thing.

Affirmation is the presentation of constructive ideas by definite words, spoken silently or audibly, in order that the ideas may take hold of the feeling nature, the subconscious phase of mind, and become an habitual possession.

"An affirmation is a positive and orderly statement of Truth. By affirmation we claim and appropriate that which is ours" (Keep a True Lent 142).

The word affirm comes from the Latin word affirmare which means "to make firm, to assert positively." When a thought becomes so firmly grounded on the Truth of God that it cannot be shaken or diverted therefrom, it is established in consciousness. The repeating of constructive affirmations, silently or audibly, adds firmness and strength to the mind, just as repeated physical exercise adds firmness and strength to the muscles of the body. Man's "mental muscles" are his abilities to think, reason, and feel and they need strengthening by affirmations.

We must bear in mind that affirmations, as well as denials, are more concerned with attitudes of mind than with words because mental attitudes are the result of the use that has been made of divine ideas.

Affirmations are the "yes" attitudes of mind that indicate acceptance of our good.

In the lesson "Denials" we considered some denial statements we might use for cleansing our consciousness of specific undesirable thoughts. The following affirmations could be used to improve our understanding of God, the universe, ourselves, others, a condition, a thing:

"God is Spirit, limitless, changeless Principle."

"There is only one Presence and one Power in the universe, God, the good, omnipotent."

"I am a spiritual being living in a spiritual universe, governed by spiritual laws."

"I see you unfettered and unbound, triumphant! glorious! splendid! free!"

"God's love and harmony are present in this condition." "God's intelligence is operative in this machine" (or equipment of any kind).

It is very interesting to note that in one of the oldest books of our Bible, instruction is given as to affirmation:

"Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee;
And light shall shine upon thy ways.
When they cast thee down, thou shalt say,
There is lifting up"
(Job 22:28, 29).

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