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Metaphysical meaning of world (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of world (rw)
world, the--A state of consciousness formed through the belief in the reality of things external. It leads one to follow standards of living based on man's opinions rather than on Truth. The world is overcome by our denying that it has any power over us and affirming freedom in Christ.

world, end of--"The end of the age," as Ferrar Fenton puts it, is the point in consciousness where true thoughts are in the majority, and error thoughts have lost their hold. This is the final consummation of the regenerative process. Everything that has been stored in consciousness is brought forth and becomes of visible, practical value to man.

The end of the world prophesied in the Bible will come as a thief in the night--quietly, silently. Those who are wrapped up in the things of sense will suddenly awake to the consciousness that they have lost their all, that this too solid earth has dissolved and left them without a place of action for their material thoughts.

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