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Lessons In Truth - Lesson 1 - Annotation 7

Lessons In Truth - Lesson 1 - Annotation 7

What is the Christ life? Explain meekness, love, and forgiveness, showing what part they play in the Christ life.

7. The Christ life is that of mastery, authority, spiritual dominion. Our goal, whether we know it or not, is to express our innate spiritual or Christ nature. Therefore the ultimate aim of the individual should be to attain a consciousness of spirituality or Christlikeness. We can then master our own thoughts, feelings, words, actions, and reactions and demonstrate the dominion that is ours as sons and heirs of God.

Meekness, love, and forgiveness are prerequisites of the Christ life. Meekness is not weakness nor is it servility. It is spiritual strength rightly directed that makes us receptive to our true nature as a son of God. To be meek or humble is to be free from all negative reaction. Meekness is a nonresistant attitude of mind in which we feel free from fear of losing our so-called rights. It is knowing that God's will for us is good, and then conforming to it. The quality of meekness enables us to be open and receptive to God's guidance at all times; it makes us teachable and obedient to this guidance. Without meekness the Christ life cannot be attained.

Love is the attracting, harmonizing, unifying, equalizing, binding idea in Divine Mind. It is "the idea of universal unity" (Charles Fillmore Christian Healing 130). Love is a combining influence, thus we are all one in Spirit. As the attracting power of Divine Mind, love draws to us all the good we may ever desire. Love dissolves all inharmonious conditions in human experience, giving to each participant a sense of divine security. Love acting as a magnet brings forth joy, happiness, well-being in us. Words such as the following are good to affirm:

"I am a radiating center of divine love, mighty to attract my good and to radiate good to others."

Love helps us to understand the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.

Forgiveness is a way of release, a mental letting go of every thought and feeling of fear, anxiety, worry, selfishness, greed, hurt, injustice, or disappointment. Forgiveness means giving the blessing of love for feelings of wounded pride, egotism, or injury. It includes forgiving oneself as well as others. We cannot pour out a blessing of forgiveness without feeling an inrush of power and peace.

The practical application of meekness, love, and forgiveness builds a consciousness of Christ mastery that enables us to function from this high spiritual consciousness in our daily living.

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