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Lessons In Truth - Lesson 10 - Annotation 5

Lessons In Truth - Lesson 10 - Annotation 5

How do we center our mind on the Eternal (God)?

5. The word Eternal is another name for God, therefore we center our mind on the Eternal by thinking on the ideas, qualities, or attributes that make up God's nature of Absolute Good. As we think about these God ideas, we learn their nature and value and seek to use them in our daily living.

The more we think about a thing, the more are we able to understand its nature. The same thing applies to God ideas. Lesson 5 on "Affirmations" emphasized that we are not to confine ourselves to set forms. Nevertheless, in order to center our attention on God, the Eternal, or any of His ideas, we often find it helpful to use Scripture, the Lord's Prayer, or any uplifting statement, whether in poem, song, or hymn, that presents the ideas we seek to incorporate in our consciousness.

In our communications, one with another, what we say or what we write, is for the purpose of imparting ideas. In the endeavor to center our mind on the Eternal (God), we use words as vehicles only to bring us into close acquaintanceship with God ideas. Throughout these lessons Truth statements have been presented that can be used to center our attention on the Eternal (God) and His good. When we truly feel this Presence, we shall be able to discontinue the use of actual words at that time because the ideas will have become deeply impressed in our consciousness and are ready to bear fruit.

There is nothing mysterious about centering our mind on the Eternal (God), for every step we have taken in these lessons has been part of this process. True prayer is centering our mind on God, the Eternal; affirmations of Truth also help to center our mind on the Eternal. Every step taken to reach what we call "the Silence" brings us to the place in consciousness where we are centered in God.

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