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Lessons In Truth - Lesson 8 - Annotation 3

Lessons In Truth - Lesson 8 - Annotation 3

Can you cure yourself or another by speaking words of Truth from the intellectual plane of consciousness? Does true healing require something beyond this?

3. We cannot cure ourselves or another by speaking words of Truth from the intellectual plane of consciousness alone, for this would be only mental suggestion and could bring only temporary relief. By this we do not imply that the intellectual plane does not have its place. It has. Its place, however, is secondary to that of the Spirit. Mental training puts the mind into the atmosphere of healing in preparation for the true healing that is spiritual.

"Thought control is imperative, and there is urgent need of teachers on both the mental and spiritual plane of consciousness if the race is to go forward in development. To this end there needs to be more co-operation between the two planes of consciousness, because they complement each other" (Keep a True Lent 75).

The intellectual plane of consciousness can recognize the need for healing, the need for a mental cleansing. True healing comes only through a constant conscious awareness of God as the one Presence and one Power moving as an orderly activity through man and throughout the universe.

"All healing is based on mental cleansing. When the mind is free from error thoughts, harmony in the body ensues" (The Revealing Word 92).

The same conditions that apply to healing of the body apply to healing of our affairs. When the intellect, or conscious phase of mind, accepts the truth of any healing, whether of mind, body, or affairs, it then begins to establish effective thought habits in the subconscious phase of mind or the feeling nature. When the conscious and subconscious phases of mind (i.e. our thinking and feeling) are in agreement, then the Truth of God has a receptive vehicle through which to work to bring about true healing. The ideas back of the words of Truth that we speak must become a living part of our feeling nature (subconscious phase of mind) thus replacing adverse concepts we may have held about a condition. We give ourselves to God in prayer in order that His Spirit may fulfill the "letter" of the words of Truth that we speak and begin the redemptive work of healing.

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