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Metaphysical meaning of health (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of health (rw)
health--A state of being sound or whole in mind and body. Oneness with the Christ Mind assures perfect health. Health is the normal condition of man, a condition true to the Truth of his being. Health is from within and does not have to be manufactured in the without. It is the very essence of Being, universal and enduring.

That which seems to be sickness does not exist in Truth. When man becomes so much at one with God-Mind that he abides in the consciousness of health, he enters the eternal peace in which he knows that "it is finished" (John 19:30). To know God as health one must take up the study of the healthy mind and make it and not physical appearance the basis of every calculation.

health and the word--Experiences, innumerable times repeated, prove the power of words to bring health. Health is potential in the real of your being. Health can always be demonstrated through the power of the spoken word.

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