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Metaphysical meaning of Father (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of Father (rw)
Father--God through His Holy Spirit is the Father.

Father and Son--The Father-Mind is the living Principle, the Absolute, the Great Unlimited. The Son is the living Word.

Father and Son, result of knowing both--When we are quickened in spiritual understanding, we experience a renewal of mind and a transformation of body. The mortal becomes immortal, the corruptible becomes incorruptible. It is the resurrection into eternal life.

Father of lights--Source of profound understanding, illumination, wisdom. Through our realization of and meditation on spiritual illumination, we open the way for these spiritual gifts to be showered upon us.

Father-Principle--The exact and immutable Principle of Being, lying back of all existence as cause, and approachable only along lines of perfect law. It is omnipresent and is not subject to change or open to argument.

Father's house, the--The Christ consciousness. It is the center of man's consciousness and is made manifest to him by mind processes alone.

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