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Metaphysical meaning of thought (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of thought (rw)
thought--A product of thinking; a mental vibration or impulse. Each thought is an identity that has a central ego, around which all its elements revolve. Thoughts are capable of expressing themselves. Every thought clothes itself in a life form according to the character given it by the thinker. The form is simply the conclusion of the thought.

One of the axiomatic truths of metaphysics is that "thoughts are things." That the mind of man marshals its faculties and literally makes into living entities the thoughts that it entertains is also a foregone conclusion. The word things expresses poorly the active and very vital character of the thoughts to which the mind gives life, substance, and intelligence. We see many inanimate "things" around us in the material world. If we compare our creative thoughts with them we get an inferior conception of the marvelous ability of our mind in its creative capacity.

Thought is controlled by the right use of affirmation and denial--by the power of the mind to accept and reject. This power of the mind is the I AM, and it is through the avenue of expression (I AM) that thought control, dominion, and mastery are obtained. Thoughts are controlled by the mind through its power to say "yes" or "no." To "hold a thought" is to affirm or deny a certain proposition both mentally and audibly until the logic of the mind is satisfied and spiritual realization is attained.

thought atmosphere--The surrounding mental climate created by each person in accordance with the character of his thinking. Thoughts of negation build an antagonistic and discordant atmosphere. Thoughts of love and prosperity, of health and faith, create a harmonious mental atmosphere.

thought center--A collection or aggregation of ideas in the mind. Thoughts of one kind are attracted one to another, form in consciousness, group themselves in the body, and build organs through which they manifest. For example, love manifests through the heart.

thought, colony of--Like attracts like. A thought will take up its abode in our consciousness with thoughts of like character. This law of attraction continues until combined thoughts make a colony. This colony of thoughts expresses itself in the cells of the body--for good or ill.

thought power--The moving force within an idea that gives it expression. All structures are built by thought power. This power is transmitted from mind to mind and from mind to body in all living forms.

thought-stuff--The omnipresent, invisible substance ever ready to take form in accordance with one's mental pattern. The thought-stuff of the universe is more sensitive than a phonographic record; it transcribes not only all sounds, but even the slightest vibration of thought.

thought vibrations--Energies sent out by the force and power of thought. All who are in like planes of consciousness with the thinker of the thought receive these thought energies. In this way telepathic messages are sent and received. When one sends thoughts in personal consciousness, the process is laborious and dangerous. There is a law of Spirit that equalizes all forces generated by the mind. This law is in the keeping of divine Principle, and there is neither success nor safety in using thought energies without its guiding wisdom.

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