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Metaphysical meaning of planes (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of planes (rw)
planes--The different realms of ideas in which men function. There are many planes of life, one above or below another, yet not conflicting. All creation is based on life activity, or as it is called in physical science, rates of vibration. A certain activity in the life current forms worlds on a plane, which we may call the physical; a little increase in the vibratory rate makes another system, which we may designate as the psychical; a still higher rate makes a universe where spiritual ideas prevail.

Ed Rabel

This paragraph is especially helpful in clarifying the confusion which sometimes occurs when people believe that because God is the one Presence and one Power, because God is Omnipresent, and because God is our Creator, everything in existence is one in the sense of all being on the same scale. This is not metaphysically correct. True, there is the essence of oneness which binds, blends, and harmonizes all things. But there is the fact of differences in scale, different planes, different vibratory rates. These differences are what require recognition of polarity and scale of being. To overlook this is to call everything the same in all respects, which is not practical Christianity. The only thing we know of which is able to cope with the paradox of the oneness of God's creation and all of being with the polarity and diversity of planes of existence is CONSCIOUSNESS. In our existential universe consciousness is the key that unlocks all the mysteries of paradox.

Ed Rabel - Metaphysics 1, Kingdom of God, Planes of Life

- Ed Rabel

These are all interlaced and interblended in the presence around and within us, hence the "kingdom of God is within you" (Luke 17:21), or "among you," as one translator gives it.

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