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Metaphysical meaning of Lord (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of Lord (rw)
Lord--The activity of the spiritual I AM as the ruling consciousness. The Lord God of the Scriptures is Christ, the Spiritual Man; our divine consciousness; the creative power within us.

Lord, absence from--A state in which both mind and body are functioning in carnality.

Lord is One, the--Oneness of thought and purpose in the individual, as well as the one Presence and one Power--the omnipotent good, which man must know and consider in his contact with the world without. The principle of oneness controls life.

Lord, wrath of the--(see wrath of God)

Lord's Prayer--A series of ideas illustrative of man's relationship to his Creator.

Lord's Supper--(Matt. 26:26-30). Metaphysically, God's covenant with mankind, through His perfect idea, Christ Jesus. This compact was completed through Jesus' breaking the bread and blessing the cup. The bread symbolizes spiritual substance, or the body. The wine symbolizes the blood of Jesus, or spiritual life.

We eat the body of Jesus by affirming the one spiritual substance to be the substance of our body and we drink His blood by affirming and realizing our oneness with the one divine, omnipresent life of Spirit.

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