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Metaphysical meaning of image (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of image (rw)
image--"A mental representation of anything not actually present to the senses" (Webster). Everything that is manifested was first a mental picture and was brought into expression by the forming power of the imagination. Man accumulates a mass of ideas about substance and life, and with his imagination he molds them into shape. Each one of us must not only see the image of our desires as a theory, but we must also form it into a living, breathing thing through every motive and act. Man gets the ideal images necessary to express his perfect organism from the one perfect Mind. The perfect body will be demonstrated through his beholding the perfect, eternal, living, glorified Christ body.

image, graven--(Exod. 20:4). Graven images of God are made by mental pictures. The thought of God as a great king in a place called heaven makes just such a material image in our thought realm, and we grow to believe in and worship such an imaginary being, instead of the true God, who is Spirit.

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