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Metaphysical meaning of water (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of water (rw)
water--In its different aspects water represents weakness and negativeness, cleansing, mental potentiality, and in some cases life, or vital energy.

In one of its aspects, water represents negativeness. The individual who allows himself to become negative to the good finds himself uncertain and unstable in his mind, and often becomes so submerged in the waters of negation that his physical condition is low. Weak sympathy with error and the results of error helps to produce this condition. To be positive toward the good it is very necessary that one have right ideas of God, that one know Him as all good.

Water also represents the great mass of thoughts that conform to environment. Every thought leaves its form in the consciousness, and all the weak characterless words and expressions gather in the subconscious mind as water gathers in holes. When we get discouraged or disappointed and "give up," the undertow of life sweeps this flood of negative thought over us, and we are conscious of bodily weakness of some sort. When we know the Truth, and "brace up," however, the waters are confined to their natural channels again and our strength is restored.

From the intellectual viewpoint water represents cleansing. When John the Baptist baptized with water, he washed away the sins of an external character. His baptism did not enter into the subconsciousness. It takes something more powerful than water to purify the error conditions accumulated by the soul in its many incarnations. The presence of God through Christ is necessary to purify this part of man.

water, above and below the firmament--In every mental proposition we have an above and a below. Above the firmament are the unexpressed capacities (waters) of the conscious mind resting in faith in Divine Mind. In this realm when "God says," the word is instantly fulfilled; the mental image of the word is registered in consciousness.

Below the firmament are the expressed capacities (waters) of the subconscious mind, which may be called memory but has not power to do original thinking. To reach the subconscious realm, the word must be declared consciously, and then from this firm starting point, directed down into the subconscious realm, where the redemptive work is carried on.

water, walk on--Water (the sea) represents mental potentiality. The race thoughts have formed a sea of thought, and to walk over it safely requires that one have faith in oneself. Faith necessary to accomplish so great an undertaking comes from understanding--understanding of God and man and the law of mastery given to man. If one is to walk on the waves of troubled thought without sinking, he must become established in the faith of Spirit through Christ.

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