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What Spiritual Learning Is

George Leroy Dale

THE ordinary method of education is to introduce into the mind from without that which is considered proper, right, and beneficial from the human viewpoint.

Kindergartens, grammar schools, high schools, colleges, and universities all offer courses of instruction, arranged by humans who have used reason, attention, will, desire, and judgment of the conscious mind in relation to giving instructions to young and old.

Jesus Christ, the greatest of all mystics, prophets, or spiritual teachers, no doubt at times found it quite difficult to make people understand that what He called the "kingdom of God" was within and around man, and that this kingdom was always ready to respond to man's righteous thought or use of it.

At the time of Jesus' physical life on earth, the human race was at a low ebb; wars between nations and ignorance of proper living habits were rampant. His instructions about correct thinking and living were not generally understood by the masses of people, but degree by degree, more and more of the Truth He taught has come into use. In this day and age many people are convinced that it is possible to study and apply His teachings in such a way as to have a life of health, happiness, prosperity, and protection while living on earth.

Spiritual learning is the taking of ideas, principles, and laws of God into the mentality of man until man's whole scheme of living (mentally and physically) is changed.

This "taking on" (sometimes called a "conversion," a "change of consciousness," an "illumination," a "saving the soul," a "putting on the new man,") relates to a higher Power than the human coming into expression through the mind and brain of man.

A study of the teachings of Jesus Christ reveals that it is possible for man on earth to "tune in" his mind to the one creative Mind of God and receive direct inspiration from above. This process can be called spiritual learning, as it has to do with higher radiations of an eternal, always right-acting spiritual power which created man and maintains him spiritually and perfectly in all conditions of life, here and hereafter.

Therefore in order to learn spiritually let us repeat often to ourselves the following statements:

I am a perfect spiritual being, created by God.

God has given me a perfect thinking nature, with freedom of thought.

I have spiritual perception; I have spiritual intuition; I have spiritual understanding.

As the offspring of God, I am one with divine intelligence, one with divine love, one with divine order, one with divine peace, one with divine substance, one with divine motion, one with divine sound, one with divine harmony, one with divine life, one with divine energy, one with divine joy, one with divine power, one with divine will, one with divine freedom, one with divine justice, one with Truth.

I am eternal, limitless, deathless, spaceless, timeless, tireless.

I understand clearly the teachings of Jesus Christ and all other great souls.

I am sensitive, obedient, receptive to Divine Mind ideas only.

I have perfect spiritual control over my thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions.

Through divine intelligence, I know all I need to know when I need to know it.

I have a perfect memory as a gift from God.

I have a perfect conscious phase of mind in which reason, attention, will, desire, and judgment function perfectly.

I have a perfect subconscious phase of mind which assures that my appetite, digestion, circulation, assimilation, nutrition, elimination, muscle, joint, bone, nerve, and glandular action function perfectly through my physical body, keeping it in perfect health.

As a spiritual being, I have perfect control over my conscious mind, my subconscious mind, my physcial body, and my affairs.

I have a perfect imaginative power of mind and I picture only what is good.

I have a perfect memory for people, things, and conditions.