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The Overeating Habit

George Leroy Dale


How can I conquer the habit of overeating?


The hidden desire in the subconscious mind of certain persons to get more, have more, hold on to more, often works out through the appetite. God intends that the divine law of giving and receiving shall operate so that the inflow and outflow of life and substance are balanced in mind and body and affairs. However, the belief that life is in food and one must eat much to live; the belief that unless one takes much of the manifested substance he will not get his share, tend (in the subconscious mind) to produce a greedy condition in living. This condition often governs the appetite, resulting in excessive eating.

All physical excesses can be corrected in the mind, and thereby external conditions of bondage can be changed. Say often:

Divine intelligence, which knows all, guides me in all my thinking and living habits. I let go all desires for unnecessary food and I eat only what my body needs.

Sincere Truth students who will faithfully repeat the affirmation several times before meals will soon see results.