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How to Declare the Truth to Oneself

George Leroy Dale

AS he [man] thinketh within himself, so is he" is a statement often quoted by Truth teachers and students. It is often explained as a condition that occurs when one thinks and feels subconsciously and manifests what he has thought.

Another metaphysical statement is "As man declares the Truth about God and himself, so does he become."

God is. Spiritual man, His offspring, is. Spiritual man can think and discover the God power in himself, and as he declares it working through him, so does he become or manifest that which he has thought. Each of us is a spiritual being. Jesus said, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

The study of Truth is the most important of all studies because through it a life of intelligence, love, peace, joy, safety, and plenty can be had on earth. The hordes of erroneous thoughts that man holds in his mind can be dissipated by his own words. To some this is almost unbelievable. One may ask, "Is it possible that I of myself can dissipate from my nature all that should not be?" Yes, indeed, it is true! Anyone who can think intelligently can invoke the God of himself (the Christ, the activity of Truth), through his own consciousness, through his own conscious and subconscious phase of mind, through his own brain and nervous system, into and through his own physical body and affairs. He need only try it in order to prove it. These statements can be meditated on for that purpose:

I am the spiritual master of my mind, my body, my affairs.

As a spiritual master I consciously invoke God's laws to bring into operation whatever is good for me.

I no longer just think about things, I declare the Truth of my own spiritual nature and thereby free myself from all that should not be for me.

Health, wealth, happiness in my home, work, and human relationships are all pictures in my consciousness which can be changed for the better as I declare the truth about my higher (Christ) self.

The Truth of God and man reveals itself to me as I seek it. I rejoice in God's guidance through my mind, showing me what to think, what to read, how to live healthfully, how to demonstrate plenty in service and finances.

People, things, and conditions have no power to disturb me. I am always poised and centered in the one infinite mind of peace and harmony.