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The Debt Habit

George Leroy Dale


I have been in debt financially all my life. How can I get out of debt?

Your subconscious nature keeps reproducing the same patterns of life and activity, mentally and physically, over and over, unless you change the patterns. God is the one and only unchangeable power and substance, and He is ever ready to respond to man's righteous use of thought. Make it a habit to treat yourself several times daily, using the following words, whispering them over and over hundreds of times:

I wipe out all subconscious images of debts, past and present. I see myself a prosperous person with all my needs abundantly supplied. I live within my present income and tithe my earnings to some form of God's work on earth. From all directions God's supply comes to me in God's perfect ways and I am at peace.

Remember, mental work (the use of your mind) is required. God loves a diligent thinker.