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The Habit of Criticizing

George Leroy Dale


How can I stop being critical?


It takes no particular degree of intelligence to complain and find fault. When we do so, we often find ourselves the objects of criticism.

We get back through our own subconscious nature that which we send out toward others. If we make critical remarks, they react back to or through us faithfully.

We can change our consciousness whenever we really wish to.

Stop the critical expression coming through your mind by an instant change of thought. If you find yourself saying, "I don't see why he does not do so and so," "I dislike his attitude and actions," "He should not have health or plenty," or any other critical remark, just use your will deliberately to cut the sentence off. Say over and over something that is constructive or helpful. Controlling your mind by letting God guide your thinking into channels of intelligence and love will heal the false habit quickly. Love attracts love.

This prayer will help you:

Granting freedom to all and seeing and praising the good in all, I have an enjoyable life.