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How to Stay Young, Strong, and Healthy

George Leroy Dale

DISEASE beliefs, feelings, impressions, and conditions of the race mind may seep into the subconscious nature of some persons more insidiously after the age of forty. Such error thoughts reap their toll.

Fortunate is the Truth student who understands this and who knows how to prevent it by definitely training his own subconsciousness to refuse to accept such errors.

The majority of Truth students have passed the forty-year mark before they become sufficiently interested to rise above racial emotions and take charge of their own thinking and body habits.

The necessity of making changes in living habits causes many people to take up the study of Truth. The racial-mind tendency to blame parents, doctors, ministers, or politicians for one's troubles disappears when Truth is discovered within and opportunities to demonstrate are revealed.

The constant reproduction of cells in our physical bodies goes on year after year. If the mental images of youth, strength, and health are planted subconsciously day after day, undoubtedly longevity will result. The subconscious mind is the master of the physical body, and that same subconsciousness is the servant of the conscious mind; and both the conscious and the subconscious mind are servants of God in man. Thought connects all phases of man's nature. Jesus said: "Verily I say unto you, Except ye turn, and become as little children, ye shall in no wise enter into the kingdom of heaven. "Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven."

If adults could free themselves instantly of false beliefs involving responsibilities concerning their lives and affairs, they would find themselves young and strong again. However, it is necessary to study Truth to find out how to do this, and then to let the Truth work in mind so that changes will take place in body chemistry and action, and divine life flow freely again through man.

Willingness to seek the kingdom of God within is absolutely necessary in the effort to rediscover and enjoy youth, health, and strength year after year.

Some people have discovered that special diets, special exercises, sufficient rest, and a right mental attitude are very helpful in regaining health. The various actions and reactions to such treatment show the effect of mind on or through the body, because when the mind (or soul) withdraws or separates entirely from the body, the body is dead. Hence the statement, "The mental (or soul) reaction to the treatment determines the effect in the body," is absolutely correct.

A short cut to releasing youth, health, and strength through the body can be made by treatment or scientific prayer work, either by a practitioner or oneself. To sit down and quietly train one's subconsciousness with one's personal thought, using Truth statements, will bring, sooner or later, marvelous changes in body habits, body chemistry, function, and structure.

In Unity classes instruction is often given in control of the body by the "word." The following are some of the statements used.

(Concentrate attention in different parts of the body as the "word" is spoken three times.)

I am youthful, strong, well, harmonious through my (front brain) (eyes) (ears) (nose) (mouth) (throat) (back brain and spinal column) (solar plexus) (stomach) (intestines) (colon) (rectum) (liver) (gall bladder) (pancreas) (spleen) (kidneys) (bladder) (generative organs) (hips) (thighs) (knees) (lower legs) (feet) (all arteries, veins, capillaries) (bones and joints) (glands and membranes) (nerves) (muscles) (skin) (hair) (nails).

I am youthful, well, and harmonious through and through and through.

Youth, health, strength are God's gifts to me and I manifest them every day.

Old age, diseases are only materialized erroneous beliefs. I now dissipate them by my words of Truth, and youth, health, strength, longevity are mine.