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The Swearing Habit

George Leroy Dale


How can I overcome the habit of swearing?


Swearing is the result of deep-seated subconscious frustrations, fears, or resentments concerning people, things, or conditions in life.

God made man to express, and gave him freedom of thought and action. That very freedom of thought and action brings experiences into man's life, and sooner or later, by means of these experiences (good or bad), man finds out that he is accountable for every word, feeling, or vibration that passes through or from him. "By thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words shalt thou be condemned."

Therefore, the study of Truth (which is learned by thinking, speaking, and acting based on spiritual ideas) becomes the most important thing in the life of anyone who desires to progress spiritually.

Since swearing is usually involved with deep-seated error feelings, one should use the following statement for deliverance, whispering the words repeatedly for several minutes and thereby generating a feeling of release:

I let go every condemning thought or feeling or action. I let the serenity, intelligence, and love of God direct my mind, cleansing it of all blasphemy, and I am at peace with people, things, and conditions at all times.