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What Man Is

George Leroy Dale

GOD-MIND, containing all goodness, created man out of Its own life substance by Its own perfect action, and endowed man with unlimited thinking ability. This Son-of-God man has a perfect spiritual body. The spiritual body of this perfect Son-of-God man contains unlimited power. This body is the temple of God for man, "not made with hands."

This spiritual body whose home is in "heaven" (in the highest realm of living), by taking advantage of human conception methods reproduces for itself a physical covering or body of flesh (very much the same as animal bodies in function and structure.)

Jesus said, "Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?" His teaching that all men created by God have equal privileges of soul development was not favorably received by selfish-minded, influential persons of His time, hence their efforts to destroy both Him and His teaching by causing the death of His physical body through crucifixion. But this only resulted in the further expansion on earth of His teaching that "the kingdom of God is within you," which is the basis of Unity and many other teachings of this age.

As God individualized His nature in all spiritual beings, He created and gave thinking ability to all. All people have at their command God ideas of life, love, truth, energy, power, joy, peace, order, substance, and protection, to help them to have an enjoyable earth life.

As the mental side of man, functioning through the brain of the physical body, becomes illumined, man finds he really has dominion over the animal and vegetable world, but not over his fellow man. Many leaders have assumed power over their fellow men and produced all kinds of discord, wars, diseases, and troubles on earth. The mass of mankind, ignorant of Truth, usually follow leaders as sheep follow shepherds.

A thinker who has prayed faithfully for illumination and opened the way from his own mental realm into his soul nature, where God is always present, does not follow blindly the self-appointed or elected leaders of the race, but obeys divine laws as God reveals them to him. Thus man progresses on earth, always in harmonious agreement with God and his fellow men who are also on the pathway of unfoldment.

The following statements are for personal spiritual unfoldment:

As I yield my intellect to Spirit, divine intelligence illumines my mind, guides me in all studies, and shows me clearly what to think, say, and do every day.

Divine love harmonizes me with the good in people, things, and conditions all the time.

God-substance abundantly supplies all my physical and financial needs day after day.