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How to Sleep for Body Revitalization

George Leroy Dale

ALL organized forms of life on earth need periods of sleep. Man usually needs six to eight hours sleep out of each twenty-four. If he does not get enough sleep, disease and weakness often result.

In our youthful days, before responsibilities become a large issue in our lives, sleep comes naturally. But as our minds develop and the battle of destructive thinking versus constructive thinking affects our subconscious nature, sleep or thorough relaxation is interfered with, and many of us find ourselves seeking the help of physicians.

God gives all His creatures peaceful sleep. But man has so abused his gifts from God that he usually has to undergo suffering before he finds the way back to his Father within (the kingdom of God).

Insomnia can be caused by erroneous thinking habits; financial worries about the past, present, or future; irritations; frustrations; abuses of the sexual nature; guilty conscience; overeating and improper foods; lack of proper exercise and deep breathing resulting in bodily toxemia; fears about death or disease. All of these false beliefs and many others make up the race-mind vibrations that seep into the subconscious nature of man night and day, robbing him of the rest that God intended for him.

Therefore it is wise to train the subconscious mind with affirmations that will cause the human body to be vitalized by thought and breath during sleep.

The following can be repeated gently before sleeping:

I relax in mind and body in order to sleep.

I let go of every erroneous thought and feeling of the day's experience.

I radiate love to all people, forgive all mistakes, and I shall sleep peacefully all night.

During sleep, God's protection is mine; nothing shall disturb me. Deep breathing will take place.

While I sleep, God will revitalize every part of my being. I will awaken refreshed and renewed, ready for another day's activity in God's physical workshop on earth.