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Being Entertained

George Leroy Dale


I want to make spiritual progress while here on earth but I find myself looking at television programs for hours, spending much time in motion picture shows, and yearning often to be with people just to "discuss things." How can I get over this?


The divine design of everyone's earth life contains health, wealth, love, and opportunities to express one's spiritual self. All of these wonderful ideas or gifts of God are in the soul, awaiting expression or manifestation. The spoken word will release them.

The senses of man, through which he is related to the outside world, often become the masters instead of the servants. Jesus' instructions were that men should enter the "inner chamber," close the door, and pray in secret to the Father, who rewards openly.

We are therefore to stop looking at, hearing, and talking about outside things, and instead to commune with the Spirit, the Father within, asking for and waiting to receive a response. "Where thy treasure is, there will thy heart be also." Seeking the God-power within first and letting It direct one's life will soon overcome the desire to "be entertained" so that worth-while character and activities will manifest. This does not mean that all worldly pleasures are to be given up, but that the whole man—Spirit, soul, and body—should reflect divine guidance.

Say often:

I desire only that which is conducive to my spiritual progress while on earth.