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Front Matter

Special Methods for Attaining Spiritual Mastery

By George LeRoy Dale

Unity School of Christianity
Lee's Summit, Mo.


"Exercise Class at 11:30 a.m."

For those who have attended Unity Training School, the words will recall many happy and profitable hours spent in the classes conducted by Dr. George LeRoy Dale.

Dr. Dale is the highly-esteemed Registrar of the Training School. His duties bring him into close contact with all the students, and his attitude is always helpful and encouraging. In former years he was a physical-culture director, and this experience is now put to good use as he conducts his unique exercise classes. He has a truly wonderful way of combining metaphysical teaching with his exercises, thus illustrating and emphasizing the important principles presented. There is never any strained effort. Everything moves along easily, rhythmically, and joyously, and all who take part feel refreshed and renewed. In short, the exercise classes are times of inspiration and uplift, with a corresponding enrichment of consciousness.

The exercises and songs contained in this book are those actually used in Dr. Dale's classes, and when systematically practiced will bring about beneficial results.

Dr. Dale in his daily life and activities exemplifies the physical and metaphysical aspects of his teaching. He thoroughly believes in and practices the Golden Rule in all its aspects. Recently, a student remarked, "Any man who needs a friend, and looks to Dr. Dale, never looks in vain!" Certainly George LeRoy Dale's friendly spirit permeates this helpful little book; and those who put into practice what is herein suggested will find that these are indeed Special Methods for Attaining Spiritual Mastery.

Herbert J. Hunt

(We gratefully give credit to the various Unity leaders, students, and workers who wrote the words to some of the songs contained herein.)


Foreword — 5
What God Is — 11
What Man Is — 14
What Spiritual Learning Is — 18
How to Become Spiritually Educated — 24
How to Declare the Truth to Oneself — 28
How to Meditate and Go into the Silence — 32
How to Achieve Happiness in Human Relationships — 36
How to Understand and Practice the Golden Rule — 39
How to Enjoy Peace on Earth — 44
How to Stay Young, Strong, and Healthy — 48
How to Eat for Health — 54
How to Breathe for Health — 59
How to Sleep for Body Revitalization — 63
How to Improve Eyesight — 66
How to Use Your Memory — 70
How to Overcome Fears — 73
How to Find Your Right Work — 77
How to Have Abundant Supply — 81
How to Release God-Power through Singing — 87
Songs Used in Unity Training School Exercise Classes — 89
Hints about Physical Exercise — 109
Exercises Used in Unity Training School Exercise Classes — 111
Daily Prayer Map — 116
Questions and Answers: Repetition of Affirmations — 125
Appreciation — 127
Right or Wrong Thinking and Acting — 129
Arguing — 131
Being Entertained — 133
The Fear of Death — 135
The Debt Habit — 139
The Gossip Habit — 141
The Fast-Driving Habit — 143
The Swearing Habit — 144
The Overeating Habit — 146
The Habit of Criticizing — 148
The Smoking Habit — 150
The Alcoholic Habit — 152