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Repetition of Affirmations

George Leroy Dale


Why do some Truth teachers advocate the repeating of affirmations, while others scoff at such a practice?


As Jesus said, "By their fruits ye shall know them."

It is possible to produce wonderful results or demonstrations by just "speaking the word" once, provided that the one doing the speaking has an illumined consciousness and great faith. Few persons on earth have reached such a stage of consciousness, however. Most persons have subconscious blocks, hidden feelings and beliefs of which they are often unaware. These persons need training like little children in order to gain control over the hidden subconscious part of themselves, and repetition starts a new vibration through the subconscious mind which will prove itself. One has only to try out the repeated-affirmation method in order to prove to himself whether or not it works for him. "He that ruleth his spirit [his subconscious] [is greater] than he that taketh a city."