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How to Use Your Memory

George Leroy Dale

MEMORY is the ability of the conscious part of man (often called the intellectual or conscious mind) to bring up at will from the subconsciousness the stored images of thoughts and feelings of the past. The subconscious mind contains all that we have thought, said, and done in the past, and has been called the "seat of memory." When we say we forget something, we mean that we have failed to get into the hidden shelves in the subconsciousness or have failed to find the record we wish to bring up.

How often have we said (when asked a question), "I know the answer and will remember it in a minute"— and shortly (if we hold the conscious mind in abeyance) the answer will "pop up" and we say, "See, I knew it all the time!"

The subconscious mind is the servant of the conscious phase of mind and can be trained to express what we desire to keep as memory records, to radiate perfect control, and to rebuild the physical body. Many persons, because of improper living habits, find it difficult to "think through" any experience. Such conditions, however, can be corrected through the study of Truth to impress the subconsciousness.

The conscious phase of mind can tell the subconscious mind to accept from God (or spiritual man) what God directs, and the conscious phase of mind can also relax and receive direct from God within.

To train the memory, use the following affirmations:

I am a perfect spiritual being and I need never forget anything.

I recall from my subconscious mind what I wish to remember at the time I wish to remember it.

My memory is a gift from God, ever ready to serve me.