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Exercises Used in Unity Training School Exercise Classes

George Leroy Dale

Exercises Used in Unity Training School Exercise Classes

    Statement: I thank God for perfect life flowing freely through every cell of my body.

    (Repeat each exercise four to sixteen times.)

  1. Take a sitting position; extend arms at side and flex fingers.
  2. Extend arms downward, bend at elbows, bringing hands to shoulder and back to position.
  3. Raise arms forward, upward, and return.
  4. Arms hanging at sides, rotate or turn arms in and out.
  5. Hands on knees: bend head forward and backward.
  6. Incline head to left and to right.
  7. Turn head left and right.
  8. Thrust chin forward and back.
  9. Statement: Divine love in me dissolves all irritations and all obstructions in mind and body, and restores perfect motion to every muscle and joint.

  10. Circle arms round and round, forward, then backward.
  11. Extend arms outward from shoulders, then cross arms over chest, and return.
  12. Stand in position at back of chair, with hand on chair. Swing left leg outward sideways and then across in front. Repeat using right leg.
  13. With both hands on back of chair, move back from chair. Twist hips left and right, turning on balls of feet.
  14. Stand with right side at back of chair, with one hand on chair. Swing left leg forward, upward, and then backward. Repeat using right leg.
  15. Statement: I give thanks to God that my eyes are made perfect.

  16. With eyelids closed or open, turn eyeballs up and down.
  17. With eyelids closed or open, turn eyeballs left and right.
  18. With eyelids closed or open, circle eyeballs left and right.
  19. Wink and blink.
  20. With the arm extended forward, the gaze concentrated on end of finger, bend arm, bringing finger to nose.
  21. Extend both arms forward with forefingers raised. Swing arms gradually outward, left eye looking at left forefinger and right eye looking at right forefinger, until fingers are out of field of vision. Return to position and repeat.
  22. Statement: Through the power of God in me I can see perfectly, near and far.

  23. Breathe in through one nostril and out through the other, filling lungs with air, expanding region of floating ribs.
  24. Statement: My digestion, circulation, and elimination are made perfect. I agree with all good food; all good food agrees with me. I select my foods wisely, and I eat not too much and not too little, but just exactly enough for bodily needs.

  25. Sitting position, with arms overhead: bend downward and forward, touching floor with hands.
  26. Start with hands on hips, and bend sideways, left and right,touching floor with hands.
  27. Place hands on knees: circle trunk left and right, twisting the backbone.
  28. Place hands on hips; stand up; sit down.
  29. Breathe in through both nostrils, vibrate diaphragm, expel air.
  30. (For ears) Breathe in, hold mouth and nose tightly shut, vibrate diaphragm, pumping air against eardrums.
  31. (Spinal exercises) Stretch armsover head with hands clasped: twist easily left and then right.
  32. Clasp hands back of head: turn left and right, twisting spine.
  33. Jumping Exercises: (To be performed with discretion.)

  34. Jump lightly with both feet, turning around left and right.
  35. Jump to stride stand, raising arms upward at the side and downward.
  36. Statement: As the years roll on I exercise wisely. I give thanks to God that I feel renewed and refreshed in mind and body.